What is our return policy?

According to the terms offered on our platform, all products are not eligible for return; however, the company will accept returns if the products are defective, deficient, false, or do not have the characteristics or features as advertised.

Products are not returnable under the following conditions if;

  • The item has been opened, partially used, or disfigured by the customer. The customer is strongly advised to carefully inspect the package just before accepting products from the rider.
  • The product packaging, packaging box, and/or packaging seal have all been tampered with. It is suggested that if the package appears to be tampered with, the customer should refuse to accept the order.
  • The product does not have a serial number/UPC number/barcode affixed, which was present at the time the customer accepted the products from the rider.
  • Any damaged or defective product given by the customer.
  • The product is missing the original packaging and any accessories or handouts.

Furthermore, we do not accept returns on certain items such as sexual wellness products, diapers, loose tablets or capsules, and so on.

How to Return?

You can place a return request for any product by calling customer care at 03046424518 or email us at info@humarishop.shop or even drop a message through our live chat on Info@humarishop-shop

Please make sure to keep the return package in its original packaging with all labels intact. You are also requested to keep a copy of the invoice/bill from admin@humarishop,shop on hand for verification.

After your return request is processed, the following are the next steps to be taken:

For Other Cities – You must drop off the parcel at your nearest TCS service centre under our account number (xxx) within 24 hours of receiving approval for the return request.

Cancellation Policy

How do I cancel an order?

Medicines and Healthcare Products

Cancellation of an order for medicines or healthcare products can be done from the “My Accounts > My Order > Details > Cancel order” screen on the www.khasmart.pk website or mobile application. You can also cancel your order by calling our customer care number 0333-333-2704 or leave us a message on our email at info@humarishop.shop or by live chat on www.khasmart.pk before it is marked as “Shipped”. Otherwise, you can refuse it at the time of delivery and a refund will be issued in accordance with the Refund Policy.

Refund Policy

When can I expect the amount to be refunded?

An order for medicines or healthcare products can be refunded by calling our customer care number 0304-642-4518 or by emailing at info@humarishop.shop or by live chat on www.humarishop.shop after the order is marked as “Completed”.

Please keep in mind that the refund amount displayed on the Platform at the time of refund initiation is an estimate that will be finalised once verification is completed. Once the rider has picked up the product, you will receive a refund for the total amount paid for the products you returned.

Please note that the process may take:

You understand and acknowledge that we reserve the right to reclaim any refunds we have processed as a result of fraudulent activities such as the return of incorrect products or the incorrect quantity of products.

Exchange Policy

When should I expect the exchange?

By calling our customer service number, 0304-642-4518, you can ask to exchange an item or items that are a medicine or healthcare product.

Need help?

Contact us at info@humarishop.shop for questions related to refunds and returns.